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Khojali Rayon

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Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Xocali rayon

Khojali (Azerbaijani: Xocalı), an aw cried Khojaly, Khodjaly and Hojaly, is a rayon in the Nagorno-Karabakh brak awa region o Azerbaijan, nou unner the control o airmit forces o the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Its caipital is Khojali. The region wis ance a steid o prehistoric Khojaly–Gadabay cultur. It wis the location o the Khojaly Massacre in Februar 1992. The local govrenment haes designatit it as the Askeran Province.

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Coordinates: 39°54′N 46°47′E / 39.900°N 46.783°E / 39.900; 46.783