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Kangarli Rayon

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Kəngərli (Kangarli) Rayon
Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Kangarli rayon
Population (2005 estimate): 25,500
Aurie (sq. km.): 682
Telephone Code: 0136
Zip Code: AZ6827
Caipital: Givrakh

Kangarli or Kengerli (Azeri: Kəngərli) is the newest rayon o Azerbaijan, in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The aurie is 682 square km, an the population is 25,379 (2004). It wis split aff frae Sharur rayon in Mairch 2004. The administrative centre o the rayon is Givrakh.

On 25 Mey 2004, Preses Ilham Aliyev appointit Nazim Cafarov as the executive heid o the rayon.[1]

The name Kangarli wis oreeginally applee'd tae a Turkic tribe who foondit a regional Kangarli Khanate that ruled the aurie frae a caipital at Maku in wha is nou Iran.

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