Yevlakh Rayon

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Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Yevlax rayon

Yevlakh (Yevlax) is a rayon o Azerbaijan, an it surroonds the ceeties o Yevlakh an Mingachevir.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Yevlakh is ane o the important agricultural rayons o the kintra. The grain an cotton growin, as well as cattle breedin sectors hae played an important role in ceety economy. The fermers grow potato, vegetable, watter-melon an fruits, as well.

Yevlakh Ceety is an aw rich wi naitural resoorces lik cley mixtur saund deposits, as well as cley, saund an graivel deposits needit for brick makkin.

Baku-Gazakh heich-gate, Yevlakh-Balakan, Baku-Tbilisi railwey, Baku-Supsa gas an Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan ile pipeline extend throu the territory o the rayon. Yevlakh ceety an aw haes a domestic airport.[1]

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