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Aghjabadi Rayon

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Map o Azerbaijan showin Aghjabadi Rayon
Map o Azerbaijan showin Aghjabadi Rayon
Established8 August 1930
 • Total1,760 km2 (680 sq mi)
 • Total122,649
 • Density70/km2 (180/sq mi)
Postal code
Telephone code113

Aghjabadi (Azerbaijani: Ağcabədi) is a rayon in central Azerbaijan wi an admeenistrative centre in the toun o Ağcabədi.

History o the rayon

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Aghjabadi rayon wis established in 1930. In 1963 it wis abolished an connectit tae Agdam Rayon. Suin efter, in 1965, it wis reestablished as an independent rayon. Aghjabadi is ane o the auncient regions o Azerbaijan. In translation frae Azerbaijani, it means "big settlement" ("aghja" – big, "badi" – residence, dounset). The auncient monuments discovered on the territory o Aghjabadi rayon attest taehuman inhabitation datin tae Eneolithic, Bronze Age periods. Thare are remnants o the Middle Ages foond in Kamiltepe an aw, Nargiztepe, Garakober, Yantepe, Galatepe an Gavur aircheological steids.

Amang the remains o Eneolithic Age thare are the cemetery an the residence steid cried "Kichik" on the kurgan barrae in the veelage Boyat, ruins o an auncient dounset Yastitepe in the veelage Hindarx, residence steids Akhanglitepe, Keshaltitepe, Jafargulutepe, Husulutepe in Hacılar veelage, ruins o Kamiltepe an Shahtepe settlements in Yeni Qaradolaq veelage, aircheological steids o Sutepe, Agtepe an Janavartepe in Taynaq veelage, Mirvaritepe I an II, Abiltepe I an II, Muhammedtepe in İmamqulubəyli municipality.

The aircheological steids datin back tae Bronze Age include Kultepe, Saribashtepe, Uchtepe, Shahtepe in Agjabadi, Gyshaltitepe, Qebristanliqtepe, Galatepe in Boyat veelage, Elashantepe in Gələbədin, kurgan barrows Gushtepe, Huseinbey an Gazantepe in Hindarx veelage, Sumuklu-tepe in Cəfərbəyli veelage.

The auncient livin settlements hae been discovered in Təzəkənd (V-II millennium B.C.), Arazbar (I millennium), Qiyaməddinli (I millennium) an Hüsülü veelages, as well as Sangartepe an Toratepe livin settlements foond in Sarıcalı an Şənlik veelages.

Several historical monuments, ane schuil, Regional Centre o Cultur an a leebrar wur destroyed an burned bi Armenies durin Nagorno-Karabakh War in Yuxarı Qiyaməddinli veelage.[1]

Geography an economy

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Rayon is locatit 374 km frae the caipital Baku an 45 km frae the closest toun o Agdam. The relief in Aghjabadi is plain. The sile is rich wi clay. The climate is mild subtropical, wairm an dry. Average monthly temperatur in Januar is 1.2–1.7 °C an in August is 25–30 °C. Kura River flows on the north-eastren mairch o Aghjabadi rayon an Qarqar River flows throu its central pairt. Upper Karabakh channel crosses the destrict an aw. Thare are mony salty lakes on the territory o Aghjabadi rayon, grey an gray sile is prevalent awtho halophytic teep o sile is widespread an aw.


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Thare are 46 settlements an 1 toun in the destrict. Thare is an airport an a railwey station in the admeenistrative centre ceety o Ağcabədi.[1] The population o Aghjabadi rayon is 122,649 (accordin tae 2010 census). Oot o them 46,919 live in the ceety an 75,730 live in the kintra. The trend (82,700 livit in the kintra in 2008) shows that thare is rapid urbanization in the destrict.[2] Oot o the whole population, 62,310 are males, 60,339 are females. Thare is an increase in the birth rate an aw. In 2000, thare wur 1,659 newborns whan in 2009 thare wur 2,377. Likwise, thare wur 491 new marriages in 2000 whan thare war 1,188 in 2009.[3]

Notable fowk

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