Bilasuvar Rayon

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Road sign at the entrance tae Bilasuvar Rayon
Map o Azerbaijan showin Bilasuvar Rayon
Kintra Azerbaijan
Capital Biləsuvar
 • Tot 1,400 km2 (500 sq mi)
Population (1999 census)
 • Tot 74,906
Postal code 1300
Telephone code 0159

Bilasuvar (Biləsuvar) is a rayon o Azerbaijan.

It haes been said that the auncient name wis Pileh-Swar that in Persie means "the elephant-ridin person ", namit efter ane o the Buyid dynasty amirs. The name in Turkic means pure watter faws, due tae the aurie's numerous rivers, though given the lairgely flat terrain the reference tae waterfaws is somewha misleadin.

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