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State emblem o Pakistan

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The State Emblem o Pakistan wis adoptit in 1954. The emblem's green colour an the starn an crescent at the tap are seembols o Islam, the releegion maist Pakistani ceetizens identeefy wi. In the center is a quartert shield, wi ilka quarter containin a major crop o Pakistan at the time o its adoption: cotton, jute, tea, an wheat. The floral wreath aroond the shield is Poet's Jasmine (the naitional flouer) an represents the Mughal cultural heritage o Pakistan. The scroll at the bottom contains the naitional motto in Urdu, coined bi Muhammad Ali Jinnah, that reads frae richt tae left: (Urdu: ایمان ، اتحاد ، نظم‎) Iman, Ittehad, Nazm translated as "Faith, Unity, Discipline".

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