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Adana is a ceety in Turkey an a major agricultural an commercial center. The ceety is situatit on the Seyhan River, 30 kilometres inland frae the Mediterranean Sea, in sooth-central Anatolie. It is the admeenistrative seat o the Adana Province an haes a population o nearly 1.6 million, makin it the fift maist populous ceety in Turkey.

Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Aurie, wi a population o 2.87 million, stretches ower 100 kilometres frae east tae wast an 25 kilometres frae north tae sooth; encompassin the ceeties o Mersin, Tarsus, Adana an Ceyhan. It is the fowert lairgest metropolitan aurie in Turkey an ane o the kintra's leadin centres o commerce an cultur.

Adana lies in the hert o Çukurova, a geographical, economical an cultural region that covers the provinces o Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye an Hatay. Hame tae 5.62 million fowk, the region is maistly a lairge stretch o flat, fertile land being amang the maist agriculturally productive auries o the warld.

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns — sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Adana is twinned wi:

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Coordinates: 37°00′09″N 35°18′48″E / 37.00262°N 35.31346°E / 37.00262; 35.31346