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Vietnamese fowk
Kinh people
người Việt
người Kinh
Tot population
~86 million
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Vietnam81,328,696 (2015)[1]
 Unitit States1,548,449 (2010)[2]
 Canadae220,425 (2011)
 Australie210,800 (2010)[5]
 Taiwan200,000 (2014)[6]
 Sooth Korea143,000 (2013)[8]
 Japan135,657 (2014)[9]
 Unitit Kinrick28,000 (born in Vietnam, 2014 ONS estimate)[11]
"At least 55,000" (total community, 2007 estimate)[12]
 Czech Republic60,931 (2010)[13]
 Qatar8,000 (2008)[19]
 Macau7,199 (2011)[20]
 Belgium7,151 (2001)[18]
 New Zealand4,875 (2006)[21]
 Ukraine3,850 (2001)[23]
 Hungary3,019 (2011)[24]
Predominantly Vietnamese fowk releegion syncretisit wi Mahayana Buddhism. Minorities o Christians (maistly Roman Catholics) an ither groups.[27]
Relatit ethnic groups

The Vietnamese fowk or the Kinh fowk (Vietnamese: người Việt (Vietnamese pronunciation: [ŋɨəj˨˩ viət˩]), or [người Kinh] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help) (Vietnamese pronunciation: [ŋɨəj˨˩ kiɲ˧])), are a ethnic group oreeginating from present-day northren Vietnam an soothren Cheenae. They are the majority ethnic group o Vietnam, comprisin 86% o the population at the 1999 census, an are offeecially kent as Kinh tae distinguish thaim frae ither ethnic groups in Vietnam. The earliest recordit name for the auncient Vietnamese fowk appears as Lạc.

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