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Vietnamese leid

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Pronunciation[tĭəŋ vìəˀt] (Northren)
[tǐəŋ jìək] (Soothren)
Native taeVietnam, Vietnamese diaspora
EthnicityKinh/Gin fowk
Native speakers
>100 million (2012)[1]
Latin (Vietnamese alphabet)
Vietnamese Braille
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
Leid codes
ISO 639-1vi
ISO 639-2vie
ISO 639-3vie

Vietnamese (tiếng Việt, or less commonly Việt ngữ[3]) is the naitional an offeecial leid o Vietnam. It is the mither tongue o 86% o Vietnam's population, an o aboot three million owerseas Vietnamese. It is spaken as a seicont leid bi mony ethnic minorities o Vietnam an aw. It is pairt o the Austroasiatic leid family, o which it haes the maist speakers bi a significant margin (several times lairger than the ither Austroasiatic leids put thegither). As wi Korean an Japanese, muckle vocabulary haes been borraed frae Cheenese, maist notably Cantonese, especially wirds that denote abstract ideas (in the same wey European leids borrae frae Latin an Greek), an it wis umwhilie written uisin the Cheenese writin seestem, albeit in a modified format an wis gien vernacular pronunciation. As a biproduct o French colonial rule, the leid displays some influence frae French, an the Vietnamese writin seestem in uise the day is an adaptit version o the Latin alphabet, wi additional diacritics for tones an certaint letters.

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  3. Anither variant, tiếng Việt Nam, is rarely uised bi native speakers an is likely a neologism from translatin literally frae a foreign leid. It is maist aften uised bi non-native speakers an maistly foond in documents translatit frae anither leid. Vietnamese wis kent as Annamese in aulder literature an aw, due tae is name unner French colonization (see Annam).

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