Cheenese chairacter

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Cheenese chairacters is seembols uised for writin Cheenese an Japanese. Lang syne, Korean an Vietnamese uised them an aw. The stairt o thir chairacters wis at least 4000 year syne.

Cheenese chairacters is ideograms — thay maistlins represent ideas insteid o soonds. Maist earlier Cheenese chairacters wis pictographs - semple picturs uised tae mean wirds, bit no mony modren Cheenese chairacters is pictographs. Mony modren Cheenese chairacters is a combination o twa or mair semple chairacters.

Cheenese chairacters is an important pairt o East Asie cultur. Cheenese chairacters can be thocht o as bein abstract airt, acause o hou the chairacters is made up o lines an pynts.