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Mainz Auld Toun View frae the citadel (2003)
Mainz Auld Toun View frae the citadel (2003)
Coat o airms o Mainz
Coat o airms
Mainz is locatit in Germany
Coordinates: 50°0′0″N 8°16′16″E / 50.00000°N 8.27111°E / 50.00000; 8.27111Coordinates: 50°0′0″N 8°16′16″E / 50.00000°N 8.27111°E / 50.00000; 8.27111
Kintra Germany
State Rhineland-Palatinate
Destrict Urban destrict
Foondit 13 BC
Subdivisions 15 burghs
 • Laird Mayor Michael Ebling (SPD)
 • Total 97.75 km2 (37.74 sq mi)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Tot 209,779
 • Density 2,100/km2 (5,600/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 55001–55131
Diallin codes 06131, 06136
Vehicle registration MZ

Mainz (German: [maɪ̯nt͡s] ( listen); Laitin: Mogontiacum, French: Mayence) is a ceety in Germany an the caipital o the German federal state o Rhineland-Palatinate. It wis a poleetically important seat o the Prince-elector o Mainz (see: Airchbishopric o Mainz) unner the Holy Roman Empire, an previously wis a Roman fort ceety which commandit the wast bank o the Rhine an formit pairt o the northmaist frontier o the Roman Empire. Mainz is locatit on the river Rhine athort frae Wiesbaden, in the wastren pairt o the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region; in the modren age, Frankfurt shares hintle o its regional importance.

Mainz wis foondit as a militar post bi the Romans in the late 1st century BC. The first European beuks printit uisin movable type wur manufactured in Mainz bi Gutenberg in the early 1450s. Up till the twintiet century, Mainz wis uisually referred tae in Inglis as Mayence.

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