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Mülheim an der Ruhr
Castle Broich in Mülheim
Castle Broich in Mülheim
Coat of airms o Mülheim an der Ruhr
Coat airms
Mülheim an der Ruhr is located in Germany
Mülheim an der Ruhr
Mülheim an der Ruhr
Location o Mülheim an der Ruhr athin urban destrict destrict
Coordinates: 51°26′N 06°53′E / 51.433°N 6.883°E / 51.433; 6.883Coordinates: 51°26′N 06°53′E / 51.433°N 6.883°E / 51.433; 6.883
StateNorth Rhine-Westphalie
Admin. regionDüsseldorf
Destricturban destrict
Subdivisions3 districts, 9 boroughs
 • Laird MayorUlrich Scholten (SPD)
 • Total91.26 km2 (35.24 sq mi)
26-153 m (−476 ft)
 • Total170,739
 • Density1,900/km2 (4,800/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes0208
Vehicle registrationMH

Mülheim an der Ruhr, cried "Ceety on the River" an aw, is a ceety in North Rhine-Westphalie in Germany. It is locatit in the Ruhr atween Duisburg, Essen, Oberhausen an Ratingen. It is hame o mony companies, especially in the fuid industry, sic as the Aldi Süd Company or the Tengelmann Group.


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Geografical location

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Mülheim an der Ruhr lees at the junction o the hill kintra o the Lawer Bergisches Land, the wastren Hellweg an the plane o the middle Lawer Rhine region.

The brig Mintarder Ruhrtalbrücke in Mülheim, which runs ower the Ruhr an acts as a connector atween Düsseldorf an Essen

The central ceety lees on baith banks o the Ruhr river, aboot 12 kilometre (7 mile) east o whaur the Ruhr's mooth opens ontae the Rhine. It is considered a comfortable location atween urban life in Düsseldorf an life near the Ruhr. The Ruhr traverses the whole ceety for a lenth o 14 km (9 mile) frae sooth-east tae north-wast. Wi the destrict o Broich on its left bank an the Kirchenhügel (Kirk Hill) on its richt bank – the gate o Mülheim – the Ruhr leaves the fuithills o the Rhenish Massif an enters the Lawer Rhine Plain. [3] The ceety's location richt bi the Ruhr is a characteristic o anerly Mülheim in the Ruhr region.


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When leukin at its geological structur, the ceety lees on the mairch region, kent as the Marl border, o three regions – the Mittelgebirge o the Bergisches Land, the Lawer Rhine Plain an the Wastphalie Lawland. The auries leein northeast o the Ruhr, wi thair rich loess-conteenin soils, belang tae the naitural region kent as West Hellweg. Whauras it's difficult tae tell frae the surface formations whaur the Westphalian Lawlands begin, the landscapes o the Bergisches Land an the Lawer Rhine Plain are easily recognisable.

The northren fuithills o the Rhenish Massif are characterisit bi the distinctive rock formation o the bare muntain slopes throu which run coal-bearin layers which formit durin the carboniferous period. Here the Ruhr cuts mair nor 50 metres deep intae this Mittelgebirge. This naitural erosion pairtly uncovered thir mineable black coal deposits, which enabled thair sploration an extraction uisin adits. Housomeivver, the coal-rich layers became iver deeper as ane progressed northwaird, which required settin up mines tae extract the black coal. In contrast, the broad bayou (dead airm o a river) o Styrum burgh is characteristic o the featurs o the Lawer Rhine Plain.[4]


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The toun Mülheim wis first mentioned in a document o the Werden Abbey in 1093. Later it belangit tae the Duchy o Berg an became a free ceety in 1808. Efter the Congress o Vienna Mülheim wis Proushie an frae 1822 wis a pairt o the Proushie Rhine Province. Mülheim became the centre o the Ruhr Uprisin in 1920.

# Burgh Destrict Aurie [km²] Population Density [km²]
1 Altstadt I Rechtsruhr-Süd 3,20 19.741 6.169
2 Altstadt II Rechtsruhr-Süd 5,79 24.718 4.269
3 Styrum Rechtsruhr-Nord 4,44 15.605 3.515
4 Dümpten Rechtsruhr-Nord 5,51 19.031 3.454
5 Heißen Rechtsruhr-Süd 8,88 21.537 2.425
6 Menden-Holthausen Rechtsruhr-Süd 17,30 13.778 796
7 Saarn Linksruhr 26,92 23.878 887
8 Broich Linksruhr 8,78 13.941 1.588
9 Speldorf Linksruhr 10,46 18.183 1.738

Internaitional relations

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Mülheim is twinned wi:


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