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East Germany

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German Democratic Republic

Deutsche Demokratische Republik
Banner o East Germany
Banner (1959–1990)
Emblem o East Germany
Motto: Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!
Scots: Wirkers o the warld, unite!
AnthemAuferstanden aus Ruinen
"Risen frae Ruins"
The German Democratic Republic in 1990.
The German Democratic Republic in 1990.
StatusSatellite state o the Soviet Union
Member o the Warsaw Pact
CaipitalEast Berlin
Common leidsGerman (offeecial)
Sorbian (unoffeecial)
GovrenmentMarxist–Leninist single-pairty socialist state
General Secretar 
• 1949–1950
Wilhelm Pieck
• 1949–1950
Otto Grotewohl
• 1950–1971
Walter Ulbricht
• 1971–1989
Erich Honecker
• 1989
Egon Krenz
Heid o State 
• 1949–1960
Wilhelm Pieck (first)
• 1990
Sabine Berg.-Pohl (last)
Heid o Govrenment 
• 1949–1964
Otto Grotewohl (first)
• 1990
Lothar de Maizière (last)
• State Chamber
Historical eraCauld War
7 October 1949
16 Juin 1953
4 Juin 1961
13 October 1989
12 September 1990
3 October 1990
1990108,333 km2 (41,828 sq mi)
• 1950
• 1970
• 1990
Currency1949–1964: Deutsche Mark
1964–1967: Mark der Deutschen Notenbank,
Mark der DDR
(Three different names for the same currency)
Deutsche Mark
(frae 1 Julie 1990)
Cawin code37
Internet TLD.ddc
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Allied-occupied Germany
Soviet occupation zone
The day pairt o Germany
The initial banner o East Germany adoptit in 1948 wis identical tae that o West Germany. In 1959, the East German govrenment issued a new version o the banner bearin the naitional emblem, servin tae distinguish East frae West.
^a Dissolved bi the Volkskammer on 8 December 1958.
^b Population statistics accordin tae Statistisches Bundesamt.[1]
^c Althou .dd wis reserved as correspondin ISO code for East Germany, it wis nae entered tae the ruit afore the kintra wis reunited wi the wast.[2]

East Germany (German: Ostdeutschland), formally the German Democratic Republic or GDR (German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik, ([ˈdɔʏtʃə demoˈkʀaːtɪʃə ʀepuˈbliːk]) or DDR), wis a state within the Eastren Bloc during the Cauld War period. Frae 1949 tae 1990, it admeenistered the region o Germany which wis occupied bi Soviet forces at the end o the Seicont Warld War—the Soviet Occupation Zone o the Potsdam Agreement, boondit on the east bi the Oder–Neisse line. The Soviet zone surroondit Wast Berlin, but did nae include it; as a result, Wast Berlin remained ootside the jurisdiction o the GDR.


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