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Location o Kırıkhan athin Turkey.
Location o Kırıkhan athin Turkey.
Kintra  Turkey
Region Mediterranean
Province Hatay
 • Mayor Murat Sakman (MHP)
 • Destrict 687.73 km2 (265.53 sq mi)
Elevation 178 m (584 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Urban 71,580
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Simmer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 31440
Aurie code(s) (0)326 344,345
Licence plate 31

Kırıkhan is a toun an destrict in the northeastren pairt o Hatay Province, Turkey. The name Kırıkhan means “braken inn” in the Turkis leid, perhaps a reference tae ane o the mony lodgins that ance lined the road. The toun staunds at the intersection o the route atween İskenderun an Aleppo, an the major east-wast road atween Antakya an Kahramanmaraş.

The toun wis ance pairt o the destrict o Belen, but became a destrict in its awn richt in 1923 at the time o the French Mandate. On 23 Juin 1939, Kırıkhan joined Turkey as pairt o Hatay.

It haes 687.73 km2 acreage, 32.3°C o average simmer temperatur an 7.31°C o average winter temperature.

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Coordinates: 36°29′56″N 36°21′11″E / 36.4989°N 36.3531°E / 36.4989; 36.3531