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إمارة دبيّ
Emirate o Dubai
Dubai skyline frae Zabeel Pairk
Dubai skyline frae Zabeel Pairk
Banner o Dubai
Location of Dubai
Dubai is located in Dubai
Location of Dubai in the UAE
Coordinates: 25°15′00″N 55°18′00″E / 25.25000°N 55.30000°E / 25.25000; 55.30000Coordinates: 25°15′00″N 55°18′00″E / 25.25000°N 55.30000°E / 25.25000; 55.30000
Kintra United Arab Emirates
Emirate Dubai
Incorporated (town)9 Juin 1833
Unthirldom frae UK2 December 1971
Foondit biMaktoum bin Bati bin Suhail (1833)
 • TeepConstitutional monarchy[1]
 • RulerMohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
 • Croun PrinceHamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
 • Total4114 km2 (1,588 sq mi)
 (1 January 2013)
 • Total2,106,177
53% Indian
17% Emirati
13.3% Pakistani
7.5% Bangladeshi
2.5% Filipino
1.5% Sri Lankan
0.3% American
5.7% ither kintras
Time zoneUTC+4 (UAE staundart time)
WebsiteDubai Emirate
Dubai Municipality

Dubai (Inglis pronunciation: /duːˈbaɪ/ doo-BYE; Arabic: دبيّ‎, Dubayy) is the largest city in the Unitit Arab Emirates (UAE) an the caipital of the Emirate of Dubai. It is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabie Peninsulae an has the largest population with the second n-lirgest land territory bi aurie o aw the emirates, efter Abu Dhabi.[3] Dubai an Abu Dhabi are the anerlie twa emirates tae hae veto pouer ower critical matters o naitional importance in the kintra's legislature.[4]

The earliest recordit mention of Dubai is in 1095, an the earliest dounset kent as Dubai toun dates frae 1799. Dubai wis formally establisht in the early 19t century bi the Al Abu Falasa clan o Bani Yas, an it remained unner clan control when the Unitit Kinrick assumed the protection o Dubai in 1892. Its geographical location made it an important tradin hub an bi the beginnin o the 20t century, it wis an important port. In 1966, the year oil wis discovered, Dubai an the emirate o Qatar set up a new monetary unit tae replace the Gulf Rupee. The oil economy led tae a massive influx o foreign wirkers, quickly expandin the ceety bi 300% an bringin in internaitional oil interests. The modren emirate o Dubai wis creatit efter the UK left the aurie in 1971. At this time Dubai, thegither wi Abu Dhabi an fower ither emirates, formed the Unitit Arab Emirates. The follaein year Ras al Khaimah joined the federation while Qatar an Bahrain chose tae remain independent naitions. In 1973, the monetary union wi Qatar wis dissolved an the UAE Dirham introduced throughoot the UAE. A free trade zone wis built aroond the Jebel Ali port in 1979, allouin foreign companies unrestrictit import o labour an export caipital. The Gulf War o 1990 haed a negative financial effect on the ceety, as depositors athdrew their money an traders athdrew their trade, but subsequently the ceety recovered in a chyngin poleetical climate an thrived.

The day, Dubai haes emerged as a global ceety an a business hub.

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 1820s, Dubai wis referred tae as Al Wasl bi Breetish historians. Few records pertainin tae the cultural history o the UAE or its constituent emirates exist an acause o the region's oral traditions, folklore an meeth wur no written doun. The linguistic oreegins o the wird Dubai are disputit; some believe it tae hae oreeginatit frae the Persie leid, while some believe that Arabic is its linguistic ruit. Accordin tae Fedel Handhal, a researcher in the history an cultur o the UAE, the wird Dubai mey hae come frae the wird Daba (a derivative o Yadub, which means tae creep); referrin tae the slow flow o Dubai Creek inland. The poet an scholar Ahmad Mohammad Obaid traces it tae the same wird, but tae its alternative meanin o locust.[5]

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns an sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dubai haes 32 sister ceeties; maist o the twinnin agreements hae been made efter 2002.[6][7]

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