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Ajman (ceety)

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KintraAjman, Unitit Arab Emirates
 • Total225,000

Ajman (Arabic: عجمان'Aǧmān) is the caipital o the emirate o Ajman in the Unitit Arab Emirates, locatit alang the Persie Gulf.


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The ceety haes a population o 225,000 (2003 census estimate). The urban aurie runs directly intae the ceety o Sharjah alang the coast tae the sooth wast, which in turn is adjacent tae Dubai, fuirmin a conteenous urban aurie.


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Ajman is hame tae the Ruler's office, companies, commercial mercats, an aboot 50 internaitional an local retail shops. Bankin interests include: Ajman Bank, Arab Bank PLC, Bank Saderat Iran, an Commercial Bank o Dubai.


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The port o Ajman is locatit alang a naitural creek which penetrates the toun.[1] Ajman is hame tae Arab Heavy Industries an aw, ane o the warld's lairgest ship manufacturin firms.[2]


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Coordinates: 25°23′58″N 55°28′47″E / 25.3995°N 55.4796°E / 25.3995; 55.4796