Bnei Aish

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Bnei Ayish (Hebrew: בְּנֵי עַיִ"שׁ‬), pop. 7,600, is a toun (local cooncil), in the Center Destrict o Israel, aboot ten km frae Ashdod an borderin Gedera.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bnei Ayish oreeginally served as a transit camp for immigrants frae Yemen in the early 1950s. Afore Israeli unthirldom, the aurie haed served as a military base for Breetish Airmy troops durin the Breetish Mandate o Palestine. The day its population is amaist entirely made up o Jews o Yemenite strynd an immigrants frae the umwhile Soviet Union.

Bnei Ayish, meanin Sons o Ayish, is named efter Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlezinger, whose name is abbreviatit tae Ayish.

Coordinates: 31°47′21″N 34°45′33″E / 31.7892°N 34.759097°E / 31.7892; 34.759097