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Elyakhin (Hebrew: אֶלְיָכִין‬) is a toun (local cooncil) in the Central Destrict o Israel. It is locatit juist sooth o Hadera an borders the Emek Hefer Regional Cooncil. It is accessible bi local road 5812. Elyakhin's population at the end o 2008 wis 2,900,[1] an its jurisdiction wis 1,600 dunams.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Elyakhin wis foondit in 1950 as a ma'abara near the ruins o the Arab veelage al-Zalafa.[3] It haes a seembolic name, meanin "God will prepare", i.e. God prepared the land for the dounset o olim.[4]

Geography an structure[eedit | eedit soorce]

Elyakhin is bordered bi Hadera in the north an the Hefer Valley Regional Cooncil in the sooth. The adjacent veelages in the regional cooncil are Herev Le'et, Hibat Tzion an Givat Haim (Ihud). Elyakhin's average elevation is 30 m.[4]

Elyakhin consists o the eastren pairt o the toun, as well as three wastren neighborhuids - HaAlonim, HaShikmim an HaOranim.

Public structures[eedit | eedit soorce]

Elyakhin haes 11 synagogues, five o which are adjacent an locatit in the centre o the toun. Three mair are locatit on the sides o HaBanim Pairk on the eastren pairt.

Elyakhin an aa haes a community centre an public leebrar in the toon's center.

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Coordinates: 32°24′31″N 34°55′29″E / 32.4085°N 34.9247°E / 32.4085; 34.9247