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Savyon (Hebrew: סַבְיוֹן‬) is a local cooncil in the Central Destrict o Israel, borderin the ceeties o Kiryat Ono, Petah Tikva, an Yehud. Ranked 10/10 on the Israeli socio-economic scale, it is ane o the walthiest municipalities in Israel, bein baith famous an infamous for it. In December 2009, Savyon haed a population o 3,400.

Savyon wis foondit in 1955 bi Africa Israel Investments for senior immigrants frae Sooth Africae. It teuk the name o a common wildflower, awtho the first pairt o its name (sav) means "grandfaither", which wis appropriate for the residents o the time.[1] The day, Savyon hooses a younger population.

In 2004, the moshav Ganei Yehuda (Hebrew: גַּנֵּי יְהוּדָה‬) wis merged intae Savyon.

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Coordinates: 32°02′50″N 34°52′33″E / 32.0473°N 34.8757°E / 32.0473; 34.8757