Ganei Tikva

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Ganei Tikva (Hebrew: גַּנֵּי תִּקְוָה‬, lit. Gardens of Hope) is a local cooncil in Israel, borderin Kiryat Ono tae the wast, Petah Tikva tae the north, Gat Rimon tae the east an Savyon tae the sooth. It is kent for its heich staundart o livin an quality eddication. It is desirably locatit in close proximity tae Tel Aviv an the Gush Dan conurbation, an is characterised bi a diverse ethnic Jewish mix. The urban pattern includes smaw detached hooses, tounhooses an apairtment biggins, complementitd bi mature trees an law traffeck levels.

History an neeburheids[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ganei Tikva wis formit in 1949 wi the biggin o the Shikun Yovel neeburheid. Yismach Moshe, a releegious neeburheid, wis biggit in 1962. (Durin the Shabat, Yismach Moshe is closed tae traffeck). Givat Savyon wis biggit in 1972, an is considered a heich-end apartment biggin neeburheid. In a successfu attempt tae duplicate Givat Savyon's success, Givat Savyon HaHadasha neeburheid wis formit on the eastren side, borderin Gat Rimon. The latest addition tae Ganei Tikva is the new apairtment biggin neeburheid, Ganim. Ganim is currently in sindry stages o construction.

Traffic[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ganei Tikva haes three access roads. On the wast, the main entry tae Ganei Tikva throu Kiryat Ono. This is the prefert entry tae Tel Aviv. On the east, throu Gat Rimon which allous fast entry tae Petah Tikva an Heich-gate 6 throu Route 471. On the sooth, throu Savyon. Awtho this is a slow route an no aaways available. Durin rush oors, the access roads are teepically congestit. Ganei Tikva is maistly a residential toun an as sic, traffeck durin non-commute oors is teepically law.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are five elementary schuils (includin special eddication) an ane junior heich schuil in Ganei Tikva. Ganei Tikva haes wan the Naitional Eddication Awaird for 2007.

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Coordinates: 32°03′40″N 34°52′28″E / 32.06111°N 34.87444°E / 32.06111; 34.87444