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Zemer (Hebrew: זמר‎‎; Arabic: زيمر‎) is an Arab local cooncil in the Center Destrict o Israel. It is locatit in the Arab Triangle aurie, atween Baqa-Jatt an Bat Hefer on Road 574. Zemer is the result o a merger o fower veelages - Yama, Bir as-Sika, Ibtan an Marja - in 1988

Yama an Ibtan appeared in Ottoman tax registers compiled in 1596, in the Nahiyas o Qaqun an Jabal Sami, respectively, o the Nablus Liwa. Yama haed a population o 18 Muslim hoosehaulds an 5 bachelors, while Ibtan wis indicatit as empty even tho it paid taxes.[1]

Prior tae 1948, aw fower veelages wur admeenistratively relatit tae modren-day Palestinian toun o Deir al-Ghusun.[2]

Zemer's population at the end o 2006 wis 5,200,[3] an its jurisdiction is 8,203 dunams.[4]

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Coordinates: 32°22′01″N 35°02′07″E / 32.367°N 35.0353°E / 32.367; 35.0353