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Shoham (Ebreu: שֹׁהַם‬, lit. onyx) is a toun (local cooncil) in the Center Destrict o Israel.

Accordin tae the Israel Central Bureau o Statistics (CBS), Shoham's population in the end o 2007 wis 19,400.[1] Its jurisdiction is 5,889 dunams (~5.9 km²).[2]

Shoham's current Heid o Cooncil is Gil Livneh. Shoham is ane o Israel's maist developed municipalities, wi a heich staundart o livin. Shoham haes various elementary schuils, an a central heich schuil. Mony pairks an auries o recreation enhance the oweraw leuk o the municipality.

The Shoham schuil seestem is ratit vera heichlie. In the 2009-2010 schuil year, Shoham wis tap in the kintra in percentage o heich schuil students passin thair matriculation exams.[1]

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Coordinates: 31°59′48″N 34°56′34″E / 31.9967°N 34.9428°E / 31.9967; 34.9428