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A view of Birecik district

Birecik (Greek: Βίρθα an later Macedonopolis or Makedonopolis; Laitin: Birtha; Arabic: al-Bīrā البيرا‎; Kurdish: Bêrecûg‎, Ottoman Turkish: بيره جك‎), an aw umwhile kent as Bir an durin the Crusades as Bile, is a toun an destrict o Şanlıurfa Province o Turkey, on the Euphrates river.

Birecik Dam an hydroelectric pouer plant, pairt o the Southeastern Anatolia Project is situatit athin the destrict. The Roman ceety o Zeugma is nou drounit in the reservoir ahint the dam. Zeugma's famous mosaics, includin the 'river god', hae been taken tae Gaziantep Museum, but some rescued remains o Zeugma are exhibitit in Birecik. Wi its rich airchitectural heritage, Birecik is a member o the Norwich-based European Association of Historic Towns and Regions (EAHTR) [1]Archived 2009-09-17 at the Wayback Machine.

The Northren Bald Ibis uised tae nest here an winter in the deserts o Arabie, up tae 1,000 pairs in the 1960s. Nou a few dozen birds remain an these nae langer migrate but remain protectit year-roond in Birecik.

Birecik is a brig athort the Euphrates an a uiseful stoppin place on the road frae Şanlıurfa tae Gaziantep, wi watterside restaurants.

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Coordinates: 37°01′30″N 37°58′37″E / 37.025°N 37.9769°E / 37.025; 37.9769