Warld Snooker Championship

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Warld Snooker Championship
Tournament information
VenueCrucible Theatre
Organisation(s)Warld Snooker Association
FormatRankin event
Tot prize fundUK £2,231,000
Recent edeetion2019
Current champion(s)Ingland Judd Trump

The Warld Snooker Championship (Inglis: World Snooker Championship) is the leadin snooker toornament baith in terms o prestige an prize money.

Winners[eedit | eedit soorce]

Format Organiser
Knockout toornament BACC
Challenge event with defendin champion receivin a bye to the feenal † BACC
Warld Professional Match-play Championship ◊ PBPA
Challenge matches ‡ BACC
Knockout toornament (modern era) WPBSA

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Due to Warld War II
  2. Due to a disagreemen with the Billiards Association and Control Club an the Professional Billiards Players' Association (PBPA), Lindrum an McConachy wae the only players to compete, with most professional players playing in the Warld Professional Match-play Championship instead. As a result, Lindrum's title win i sometimes ignored, with Cliff Thorburn (Canada), Ken Doherty (Republic of Ireland) and Neil Robertson (Australia) usually regartat a the only non-United Kingdom Warld Champions.[4]
  3. Due to lack o interes there was no championship organised between 1957 and 1964. It wis agreed between the Professional Billiard Players Association and the BACC that the championship would be contested by having the reignin champion play in challenge matches. This wis the case until the 1969 Championship.[6] The agreement in 1964 wis that there should be a minimum sidestake of £50 involved, that matches could be of any duration agreed by both participants, an that the challenger would be responsible for finding a suitable venue.[7]
  4. The title was decided over a series of matches rather than frames.[8]
  5. The title was decided over a series of matches rather than frames.[8]
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