Stephen Hendry

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Stephen Hendry
Hendry at the 2011 Paul Hunter Classic
Born (1969-01-13) 13 Januar 1969 (age 55)
South Queensferry, Edinburgh, Scotland
Sport kintra Scotland
  • The Golden Boy[1]
  • The Ice Man[2]
  • The King of the Crucible[3]
Professional1985–2012; 2021-present
Heichest rankin1 (April 1990–May 1998, May 2006–May 2007)
Current rankin99 (as o 2021-12-20[needs update])
Career winnins£8.97 million[4]
Heichest break147: (11 times)
Century braks775[5]
Toornament wins
Warld Champion

Stephen Gordon Hendry MBE (born 13 Januar 1969) is a Scots professional snooker player an commentator fur the BBC an ITV. Ane o the maist weel-daein players in the modren era o snooker, he is best kent fur dominatin the sport in the 1990s, whan he wan the Warld Championship a record seiven times.[6] He reteert in 2012, but went back tae snooker in 2021, losin tae Matt Selt in the Gibraltr Open.[6]

Hendry rins a YouTube chainnel cried Cue Tips, an presents ae podcast fur the Warld Snooker Tour wi comic Mark Watson.[6]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hendry haes twa son, Blaine[7] an Carter.[8] He met his wife Amanda at a Pontins haliday camp in 1985,[9] an wis mairret tae her fae 1995[10] til 2014, whan thay separatit efter Hendry flittit tae Berkshire wi his current pairtner, Lauren Thundrow.[11] Hendry met Thundrow while she wis officiatin ae set o exhibiton gemms.[12]

Hendry wis born in Sooth Queensferry[12] an grew up in Dalgety Bay, Fife.[13] He wint tae Inverkeithin Hie Schuil, leain in 1984 at the age o 16 tae focus on his snooker.[14]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hendry stairtit pleyin snooker whan he wis 12, whan his faither Gordon Hendry gied him ae snooker table as a Christenmas present.[15] In 1983, he won the Scottish Unner-16 Championship[16] an kythed on Junior Pot Black.[17]

Awards[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awaird Year
Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) 1993[18]
BBC Scotland Sports Personality of the Year 1987, 1996[19]
WPBSA Player of the Year 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996
WPBSA Young Player of the Year 1988
WPBSA Performance of the Year 1995

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