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(Reguidit frae Liverpool)

Liverpuil (Inglis: Liverpool) is a ceety an burgh o Merseyside, Ingland, that is alang the River Mersey. It haes 435,000 fowk, the fowert lairgest ceety in the Unitit Kinrick. The Liverpuil Urban Aerie haes aboot 816,216 fowk.

The ceety grew bi bein a important port toun, wi muckle troke frau the Wast Indies. Ceetizens o Liverpuil is afttimes cried "Scoosers" acause o a kynd o local stove cried "Scoose". The Beatles helpit mak the ceety weel-kent.

Coordinates: 53°24′N 3°00′W / 53.4°N 3°W / 53.4; -3