Ray Reardon

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Ray Reardon
Born (1932-10-08) 8 October 1932 (age 91)
Tredegar, Monmouthshire
Sport kintra Wales
Heichest rankin1 (1976–1980, 1982–1983)
Career winnins£307,207
Heichest break146: 1972 Park Drive 2000
Century braks53
Toornament wins
Warld Champion

Raymond Reardon, MBE (born 8 October 1932) is a Welsh[1] reteert snooker player that won sax Warld Snooker Championship in the 1970s. He is heichly thocht o as ane o the maist braw players o aw time. His daurk widow's peak an shairp-tuithy grin gied him the eikname "Dracula".

Reardon wis warld champion in 1970, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 an 1978, an wis warld rinner-up in 1982. In 1969 he becam the inaugural winner o Pot Black. Reardon wis snooker's first dominant force o the modren era an wis the first nummer ane rankit player, whan rankins wis introduced in the 1976/77 saeson- haudin that spot for the neist five year. His dominance durin the 1970s wis afore that o Steve Davis in the 1980s an Stephen Hendry in 1990s. He teuk back the nummer ane rankin in 1982, but efter this his form went doon, an he drappt oot o the elite tap-16 rankit players efter the 1986/87 saeson. He reteert frae the professional gemm in 1992.

Reardon remained ane o snooker's tap players intae his 50s, an sicweys set a nummer o records that still staund. He is snooker's auldest warld champion (in 1978, aged 45 year an 203 days), the auldest player tae win the Masters (in 1976, aged 43 year an 114 days), the auldest player tae win a rankin event (in 1982, 50 year an 14 days), an the auldest player tae haud the nummer ane rankin (1982, 50 year auld). Reardon wirkit wi Ronnie O'Sullivan in a coachin role an aw, helpin him tae win the 2004 Warld Snooker Championship title.

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