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Japanese Imperial Seal.svg
The Imperial Seal inscribed on the front cover o a Japanese passport.

The Imperial Seal o Japan is a mon or crest uised b members o the Japanese Imperial family. Unner the Meiji Constitution, nae ane wis permittit tae uise the Imperial Seal except the Emperor o Japan, who uised a 16 petal chrysanthemum wi saxteen tips o anither row o petals showin ahind the first row. Therefore, each member o the Imperial family uised a slichtly modified version o the seal. Shinto shrines either displayed the imperial seal or incorporatit elements o the seal intae their awn emblems.

Earlier in Japanese history, when Emperor Go-Daigo, who tried tae break the pouer o the shogunate 1333, wis exiled, he adoptit the seiventeen petal chrysanthemum tae differentiate hissel frae his successor, Emperor Kōgon, who kept the emperial 16 petal mon.

The seembol is a yellow or orange chrysanthemum wi black or red ootlines an backgrund. A central disc is surroondit bi a front set o 16 petals. A rear set o 16 petals are hauf staggered in relation tae the front set an are visible at the edges o the flouer. An example o the chrysanthemum being uised is in the badge for the Order o the Chrysanthemum.

Ither members o the Imperial Family uise a version wi 14 single petals, while a form wi 16 single petals is uised for Diet members' pins, orders, passports, etc. The Imperial Seal is an aa uised on the staundarts o the imperial family.[1]

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