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Yevpatoria panorama
Yevpatoria panorama
Banner o Yevpatoria
Coat of airms o Yevpatoria
Coat airms
Yevpatoria is located in Crimea
Location o Yevpatoriya athin Crimea, Ukraine
Coordinates: 45°11′38″N 33°22′5″E / 45.19389°N 33.36806°E / 45.19389; 33.36806Coordinates: 45°11′38″N 33°22′5″E / 45.19389°N 33.36806°E / 45.19389; 33.36806
 Roushie  Ukraine
Republic Crimea
RegionYevpatoria municipality
 • Total120 km2 (50 sq mi)
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total123,456
 • Density1618.37/km2 (4,191.6/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
97400 — 97490
Area code(s)+380-6569
Former nameKezlev (Gezlev) (till 1784)

Yevpatoria or Eupatoria (Ukrainian: Євпаторія, Roushie: Евпатория, Crimean Tatar: Kezlev, Greek: Ευπατορία, Κερκινίτις - Eupatoria, Kerkinitis, Turkis: Gözleve, Armenie: Եվպատորիա - Yevpatoria) is a ceety in Crimea, Ukraine.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first recordit dounset in the aurie, cried Kerkinitis (Κερκινίτης), wis biggit bi Greek colonists aroond 500 BC. Alang wi the rest o Crimea, Kerkinitis wis pairt o the dominions o Mithridates VI, Keeng o Pontus, frae whose cognomen, Eupator, the ceety's modren name derives.

Frae roughly the 7t throu the 10t centuries AD Yevpatoriya wis a Khazar dounset; its name in Khazar leid wis probably Güzliev (literally "bonnie hoose").[1] It wis later subject tae the Cumans (Kipchaks), the Mongols an the Crimean Khanate. Durin this period the ceety wis cried Kezlev bi Crimean Tatars an Gözleve bi Ottomans. The Roushie medieval name Kozlov is a Roushification o the Crimean Tatar name.

For a short period atween 1478 an 1485, the ceety wis admeenistrated bi the Ottoman Empire. Efterwards it became an important urban centre o the Crimean Khanate. In 1783, wi the whole Crimea, Kezlev wis captured bi the Roushie Empire. Its name wis offeecially chyngit tae Yevpatoriya in 1784. The ceety wis briefly occupeed in 1854 bi Breetish, French an Turkis troops durin the Crimean War, when it wis the steid o the Battle o Eupatoria. Adam Mickiewicz visitit the toun in 1825 an wrote ane o his Crimean Sonnets here; it wis later translatit intae Roushie bi Mikhail Lermontov.

The 400 year auld Juma Jami mosque is ane o the mony designed or biggit bi the Ottoman airchitect Mimar Sinan. 35-metre minarets rose on the flanks o the biggin. The mosque wis o great state significance. It wis here that a ceremony o the declaration o richts o the Crimean Khans wis held at thair enthronement. Anerlie efter that thay went tae thair caipital, the ceety o Bakhchisarai.

Entrance tae the Karaite Kenassa in Yevpatoria

Efter the annexation o the Crimea bi Roushie Yevpatoriya became a residence o the spiritual ruler o the Karaites, the Gakham. In this connection here a complex o twa prayin hooses wis biggit unner the superveesion o the Rabovich brithers, in which forms o the Renaissance an Moslem airchitectur entwined in a maist unusual manner. The ensemble organically incorporates three courtyards. The entrance tae it is merked bi the gates, biggit in 1900, which leuk lik a refeened triumphal airch.

Modren Yevpatoria[eedit | eedit soorce]

The day Yevpatoriya is a major Ukrainian Black Sea port, a rail hub, an resort toun. The main industries include fishin, fuid processin, wine makin, limestane quarryin, weavin, an the manufactur o biggin materials, machinery, furnitur manufacturin an tourism. The Naitional Space Agency o Ukraine haes grund control an trackin facilities here.[2]

Yevpatoriya haes spas o mineral watter, salt an mud lakes. Thir resorts belang tae a vast aurie wi curative facilities whaur the main heal-impruivin factors are the sunshine an sea, air an saund, brine an mud o the salt lakes, as well as the mineral watter o the het springs. The population o the toun is sur tae hae kent aboot the curative qualities o the local mud that can be foond here frae time immemorial, which is witnessed bi the manuscripts o Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar (ca 80 BC).

On December 24, 2008 a blast destroyed a five story biggin in the toun. 27 fowk wur killed. Preses Viktor Yushchenko declared December 26 tae be a day o naitional mournin.[3][4][5][6][7]

Twa beaches in Yevpatoria are Blue Flag beaches syne Mey 2010, thir whaur the first beaches (wi twa beaches in Yalta) tae be awardit a Blue Flag in a CIS memberstate.[8]

Aurie Attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Famous attractions athin or near Yevpatoria are:

The gairden at the Karaite Kenasa in Yevpatoria

Names o asteroid number 6489 an number 24648[eedit | eedit soorce]

Asteroid nummer 6489 haes a name GOLEVKA, which haes a complicatit oreegin. In 1995, Golevka wis studied simultaneously bi three radar observatories athort the warld: Goldstone in Californie, Yevpatoria RT-70 radio telescope in Ukraine (Yevpatoriya is whiles romanized as Evpatoria) an Kashima in Japan. 'Gol-Ev-Ka' comes frae the first few letters o each observatory's name; it wis proposed bi the discoverer follaein a suggestion bi Alexander Leonidovich Zaitsev.

Asteroid 24648 Evpatoria wis discovered 1985 Sept. 19 bi Nikolai Chernykh an Lyudmila Chernykh at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, an named in honour o Evpatoria (sicweys Yevpatoriya). The minor planet merked the occasion o the 2500t anniversary o the toun in 2003.[9]

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