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Mithridates VI o Pontus

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Mithridates VI
Keeng o Keengs[1]
Mithridates VI frae the Musée du Louvre
Keeng o Pontus
Ring120–63 BC
PredecessorMithridates V o Pontus
SuccessorPharnaces II o Pontus
Born135 BC
Sinope, Kinrick o Pontus
Dee'd63 BC (aged 71–72)
Buirialeither Sinope or Amaseia
Full name
Mithridates VI Eupator Dionysius o Pontus
FaitherMithridates V o Pontus
MitherLaodice VI

Mithridates VI or Mithradates VI (Greek: Μιθραδάτης, Μιθριδάτης,[2] frae Auld Persie Miθradāta, "gift o Mithra") (135–63 BC), kent as Mithradates the Great (Megas) and Eupator Dionysius forby, wis king o Pontus an Armenie Minor in northren Anatolie frae aboot 120–63 BC.


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