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Core ceety
Yao Ceety Haw
Yao Ceety Haw
Banner o Yao
Offeecial seal o Yao
Location of Yao in Osaka Prefectur
Location of Yao in Osaka Prefectur
Coordinates: 34°37′36.73″N 135°36′3.55″E / 34.6268694°N 135.6009861°E / 34.6268694; 135.6009861Coordinates: 34°37′36.73″N 135°36′3.55″E / 34.6268694°N 135.6009861°E / 34.6268694; 135.6009861
Kintra Japan
Region Kansai
Prefectur Osaka Prefectur
 • Mayor Seita Tanaka
 • Total 41.71 km2 (16.10 sq mi)
Population (1 Apryle 2017)
 • Tot 268,013
 • Density 6,400/km2 (17,000/sq mi)
 • Tree Ginkgo
 • Flouer Chrysanthemum
Time zone Japan Staundart Time (UTC+9)
City Hall Address 1-1-1 Honmachi, Yao-shi, Osaka-fu
Wabsteid www.city.yao.osaka.jp
Ceety haw o Yao

Yao (八尾市, Yao-shi) is a ceety in Osaka, Japan.

As o 2009, the ceety haes an estimatit population o 271,454 an the densitie o 6,510 persons per km². The total aurie is 41.71 km².

Yao is hame tae a general aviation airport, Yao Airport.

The ceety wis foondit on 1 Aprile 1948.

It is perhaps best kent for its Kawachi ondo festival. The first day featurs dancers in colourful costumes paradin alang the street. The seicont day is a huge bon odori on the grunds o Yao heich schuil whaur hunders o fowk gather tae dance an celebrate their historic sang an dance.

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  • Kinki Expressway
  • Route 25
  • Route 170

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