Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka

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Location o Sumiyoshi-ku in Osaka Ceety

Sumiyoshi-ku (住吉区) is ane o the 24 wairds o Osaka, Japan. It is locatr on the soothren pairt o the Uemachi Plateau, in the soothren maist pairt o Osaka Ceety, an is separatr frae Sakai Ceety's Sakai-ku an Kita-ku bi the Yamato River. There sax rail lines, an three main thoroughfares - Abiko-Suji an Abeno-Suji, that rin north-sooth through the centre o the waird - Abeno-Suji, that continues north through the aurie o Tennoji - an Nagai Koen-Dori, that rins east-wast an connects the aurie wi the wastlins port. The northren pairt o Sumiyoshi-ku is a residential aurie that is a continuation o the soothren pairt o Abeno-ku. The Tezukayama 1-Chome neebourheid in Abeno-ku, an Tezukayama-naka an Tezukayama-nishi neebourheids in Sumiyoshi-ku are upper-class residential auries. Sooth o this, aroond the Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, is the Sumiyoshi an Kamisumiyoshi neebourheids, hame tae mony lang established local faimilies. Surroondin thaim, there the middle-class residential neebourheids o Shimizugaoka, Suminoe, Oriono, Minamisumiyoshi, Yamanouchi, an Nagai-Higashi, that lees at the eastren end o the waird. Sumiyoshi-ku is hame tae aboot 157,000 residents, an haes a population densitie o 16,800 fowk per square kilometre.

Waird history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sumiyoshi-ku (waird) wis oreeginally cried Sumiyoshi-gun (destrict) o the Settsu Province. In auncient times, the aurie prospered independently o the central Osaka aurie.

In 1878, an act wis passed for the organisation o auries intae a coonty seestem o gun (destrict), ku (waird), machi (toun) an mura (veelage/neebourheid). Frae this Sumiyoshi-gun (destrict) wis creatit. The destrict toun haw wis built in the anerlie toun o the destrict, Anryuu-machi. In Aprile 1896, a new coonty seestem wis introducit that result in Sumiyoshi-gun bein absorbit intae Higashinari-gun.

Sumiyoshi-ku wis formit in 1925 wi the seicont expansion o Osaka ceety intae an aurie that wis umwhile pairt o the oreeginal Sumiyoshi-gun. In 1943, twa sections wis separatit frae Sumiyoshi-ku tae form Abeno-ku an Higashisumiyoshi-ku. On tap o that, in 1943, pairt o Nishinari-ku an aw o Kohamachi-ku wis absorbit intae Sumiyoshi-ku. In 1974 Sumiyoshi-ku wis further subdividit, resultin in Sumiyoshi Pairk, Anryuu, an Hamaguchi becomin pairt o the newly formit Suminoe-ku.

Places o interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

Apairt frae Sumiyoshi Taisha, thare is a lairge nummer o restaurants alang Abiko-Suji an in the Nagai aurie (the intersection o Nagai Koen-Dori an Abiko-Suji) an aw, as weel as numerous sma shops an businesses on Abeno-Suji. Nagai abuts Nagai Pairk in neebourin Higashisumiyoshi an aw.

  • Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine
  • Tezukayama Tumulus
  • Ruins o the palace o Emperor Go-Murakami
  • Ikune Shrine
  • Oyosami Shrine
  • Asazawa Shrine
  • Wakamatsu Shrine (kent as Todorokihimenomikoto Shrine an aw)
  • Gokurakuji Temple
  • Shogon Jodoji Temple
  • Statue o a Guardian Deity, Rokudo-no Tsuji Enma Jizo
  • Monument tae Osho Ikkyu's Hermitage, Shosaian
  • Kishu Heich-gate
  • Kumano Road
  • Abiko Kannon
  • Mandai-ike Pond
  • Asaka Central Pairk
  • Yamato River
  • Hosoe River

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