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Abeno-ku, Osaka

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Abeno-ku in Osaka

Abeno-ku (阿倍野区) is ane o 24 wairds o Osaka, Japan. It is locatit in soothren Osaka ceety an haes a population o ower 107,000. In the northren pairt o Abeno, Abenobashi, thare is the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line which terminates at Abenobashi Station, the Midōsuji Line an Tanimachi Line o the Osaka Municipal Subway at Tennoji Station, an the Hankai Tramway's Uemachi Line which terminates at Tennoji-eki-mae Station. The Abenobashi aurie o Abeno is a commercial aurie whaur depairtment stores an movie theatres are locatit. Abeno is a hame for Sharp Corporation (Nagaike-cho).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sharp heidquairters biggin in Abeno waird

When Osaka ceety increased its nummer o wairds frae 15 tae 22 on 1 Aprile 1943, Sumiyoshi waird wis dividit intae three "new" wairds, ane o which wis Abeno, the ithers being Higashi-Sumiyoshi waird an Sumiyoshi waird. Thare are varyin theories as tae the oreegin o the name "Abeno". Ane is that it wis the name o a pouerful faimily-clan in auncient Japan, anither suggests it micht come frae ane o Yamabe no Akahito's sangs in Man'yōshū, an anither theory suggests it micht come frae the "amabe" in Higashi-narigun-amabe-gou, an auncient place name. The theory o the pouerful faimily-clan name haulds strangest.

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