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Core ceety
豊中市 · Toyonaka
Offeecial seal o Toyonaka
Location of Toyonaka in Osaka
Location of Toyonaka in Osaka
Coordinates: 34°47′N 135°28′E / 34.783°N 135.467°E / 34.783; 135.467Coordinates: 34°47′N 135°28′E / 34.783°N 135.467°E / 34.783; 135.467
Kintra Japan
Region Kansai
Prefectur Osaka
 • Mayor Keiichirō Asari
 • Total 36.38 km2 (14.05 sq mi)
Population (Januar 2010)
 • Tot 388,633
 • Density 10,680/km2 (27,700/sq mi)
 • Tree Sweet Osmanthus
 • Flouer Rose
Time zone Japan Staundart Time (UTC+9)
City Hall Address 3-1-1 Nakasakurazuka, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Wabsteid Toyonaka Ceety
Ceety Haw o Toyonaka

Toyonaka (豊中市, Toyonaka-shi) is a ceety locatit in Osaka Prefectur, Japan.

As o 2010, the ceety haes an estimatit population o 388,633 an a population densitie o 10,680 persons per km². The total aurie is 36.38 km². Its peak population wis ower 420,000.

Toyonaka is a residential aurie o Osaka Prefectur, an includes Senri New Town.

The ceety is easy tae reach through various modes o transportation, an mony o its residents commute daily intae Osaka Ceety tae wirk. Osaka University an Osaka Music College hae their campuses in Toyonaka.

The Consulate-General o Roushie in Osaka is locatit in Toyonaka.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae auncient times until the day Toyonaka haes haed a sizable population. The events incitin the Jōkyū War wur relatit tae an event in Toyonaka. A case on a matter atween a favorite lady o the retired emperor Emperor Go-Toba an a local jitō wis wrangly resolvitd, an then the umwhile haed the Emperor redecide the case in her favor.

The ceety wis foondit on 15 October 1936.

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Osaka Internaitional Airport is pairtially locatit in Toyonaka includin its terminal, although it is mair commonly associatit wi the ceety o Itami.

The ceety is servit bi the Osaka Monorail (Shibahara Station, Hotarugaike Station, Osaka International Airport), the Midōsuji Line (Senri-Chūō Station) an the Hankyu Takarazuka Line (Ishibashi Station, Hotarugaike Station, Toyonaka Station).

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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