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Tennōji-ku, Osaka

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Location of Tennōji-ku in Osaka Ceety

Tennōji (天王寺区, Tennōji-ku) is ane o 24 wairds o Osaka, Japan. It is namit efter the Shitennō-ji (Temple o the Fower Heavenly Keengs), which is locatit in the waird.

General information

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Shitennō-ji temple

Tennōji Station is the ceety's main sootheastren rail terminal wi Osaka Municipal Subway's Tennōji Station Midōsuji Line an Tanimachi Line, JR Tennōji as the terminus o the JR Hanwa Line (an a major stop on the Kyoto Line, Osaka Loop Line, Yamatoji Line an Kansai Airport Line) an the Kintetsu Abenobashi Station, directly athort the street frae Tennōji station is the terminus o the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line. Consequently it haes become a built up area in soothren Osaka. The biggins aroond the station include, the Kintetsu depairtment store, Mio, Station Plaza, an Hoop shoppin maws, Apollo Movie Theater an Lucias depairtment store. It addition, thare are several shoppin streets in the aurie includin Abenobashisuji.

In 2011 body parts wur foond in a bin liner in Higashikozu Pairk. [1]


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Aigan, the eyeglasses (spectacles) chain, is heidquairtered in Tennōji-ku.[1]


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Tennōji itsel is hame tae the Osaka Municipal Museum o Airt, Tennōji Zoo, the Keitaku-en Japanese garden (built bi the Sumitomo Corporation) an the Tennōji Botanical Garden.

There are three major shoppin centres richt bi Tennōji Station: Mio, a hip, upscale maw; Kintetsu Department Store; an Hoop.

The nearbi Shinsekai entertainment destrict wis established in the early pairt o the last century an still teems wi scores o eateries. It is owerleukit bi the Tsutenkaku touer, ane o Osaka's maist famous seembols.

Train stations

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JR Tennōji Station


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