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Special waird
杉並区 · Suginami Ceety
A street in Suginami
A street in Suginami
Offeecial seal o Suginami
Location of Suginami in Tokyo
Location of Suginami in Tokyo
Coordinates: 35°41′N 139°37′E / 35.683°N 139.617°E / 35.683; 139.617Coordinates: 35°41′N 139°37′E / 35.683°N 139.617°E / 35.683; 139.617
Kintra Japan
Region Kantō
Prefectur Tokyo
 • Mayor Ryo Tanaka (syne Juin 2010)
 • Total 34.02 km2 (13.14 sq mi)
Population (1 Aprile 2011)
 • Tot 538,703
 • Density 15,834.39/km2 (41,010.9/sq mi)
 • Tree Pine, Dawn Redwood, Sasanqua
Time zone Japan Staundart Time (UTC+9)
City Hall Address Asegaya Minami 1-15-1, Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Suginami (杉並区, Suginami-ku) is ane o the 23 special wairds o Tokyo, Japan.

As o 1 Aprile 2011, the waird haes an estimatit population o 538,703, wi 301,277 hoosehaulds, an a density o 15,834.39 persons per km². The tot aurie is 34.02 km².

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Suginami occupees the wastren pairt o the waird aurie o Tokyo. Its neebours include thir special wairds: tae the east, Shibuya an Nakano; tae the north, Nerima; an tae the sooth, Setagaya. Its wastren neeebours are the ceeties o Mitaka an Musashino.

The Kanda river passes throu Suginami. The Zenpukuji river oreeginates frae Zenpukuji Pairk in wastren Suginami, an the Myoshoji river oreeginates in Myoshoji Pairk, tae the north o Ogikubo station.

The center o population o Tokyo lees in Omiya 1-chome in Suginami.

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