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Niigata (新潟市 Niigata-shi?) is the caipital an the maist populous ceety o Niigata Prefectur, Japan. It lies on the northwast coast o Honshū, the lairgest island o Japan, an faces the Sea o Japan an Sado Island.

Wi a lang history as a port toun, Niigata became a free port follaein the Meiji Restoration. Niigata's ceety govrenment wis established in 1889. Mergers wi nearbi municipalities in 2005 alloued the ceety's population tae jump tae 810,000. The annexation o the surroonding aurie haes an aa given the ceety the greatest rice paddy field acreage in Japan. On 1 Aprile 2007, it became the first govrenment-designatit ceety on the Japan Sea coast o Honshū.

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mergers o Niigata

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Niigata maintains sister ceety ties wi sax ceeties:

In addition, special exchynge agreements hae been set up wi:

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