Isesaki, Gunma

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伊勢崎市 · Isesaki
Official seal of Isesaki
Location of Isesaki in Gunma
Location of Isesaki in Gunma
Coordinates: 36°19′N 139°12′E / 36.317°N 139.200°E / 36.317; 139.200Coordinates: 36°19′N 139°12′E / 36.317°N 139.200°E / 36.317; 139.200
 • MayorKiyotaka Igarashi (syne Januar 2009)
 • Total139.33 km2 (53.80 sq mi)
 (June 1, 2011)
 • Total211,021
 • Density1514.54/km2 (3,922.6/sq mi)
 • TreePine
 • FlouerAzalea
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Staundart Time)
City Hall Address2-410 Imaizumi-chō, Isesaki-shi, Gunma-ken
WebsiteCeety o Isesaki
Isesaki is a ceety in Gunma Prefecture. For the destrict in Yokohama, see Isezakichō.

Isesaki (伊勢崎市, Isesaki-shi) is a ceety locatit in Gunma, Japan. The current population is 211,021, wi 80,638 hoosehaulds. (As o Juin 2011)

A smaa ceety locatit near the geografic centre o Japan's main island o Honshū, Isesaki is the fowerth lairgest ceety in Gunma Prefectur an it is ane o the growin ceeties within Gunma Prefectur. The centre o the ceety is 15 km (9 mi) away frae central Maebashi, 95 km (59 mi) frae Central Tokyo, an it is locatit in the northwastren portion o the Kantō region an is next door neighbor tae Saitama Prefectur athort the Tone River.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety wis foondit on September 13, 1940.

Isesaki is the birthplace o Mitsuru Adachi, the creautor o the basebaw manga Touch, as well as several ithers. It is an aa the location o J-List, a retailer o anime guids, visual novels an relatit products frae Japan.

Isesaki is famous for silk fabrics (alang wi neighborin Kiryu). This craft is kent as Isesaki Meisen. It haes been made syne the late 17t century, an acame popular durin the Meiji an Taishō periods. Nou, houiver, due tae the ubiquity o Wastren-style claes, its popularity is decreasin.

On Januar 1, 2005 the touns o Akabori an Sakai an the veelage o Azuma frae Sawa Destrict merged wi the ceety.

In Mey 2010, the toun made naitional an internaitional news for bannin male ceety wirkers frae havin beards.[1][2]

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