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Qena (Arabic: قناQinā, Egyptian Arabic: [ˈʔenæ], locally: [ˈɡena]) is a ceety in Upper Egyp, an the caipital o the Qena Govrenorate. Situatit on the east bank o the Nile, it wis kent as Kaine durin the Greco-Roman period an as Cainepolis in antiquity.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Famous mosque

This provincial caipital is locatit aboot 57 mile frae El Balyana an 39 mile north o Luxor. It is maist famous for its proximity tae the ruins o Dendara. It awes its modren prosperity tae the openin o the Wadi Qena towards the Red Sea, which is a major traffeck route atween Upper Egyp an the Reid Sea. Tourists travelin atween Luxor an the Reid Sea will assuredly pass throu this ceety syne thare is anerlie ane guid road connection. Qena is notit for its pottery, in pairticular the porous watter.

In addition tae its Auncient Egyptian heritage as the ceety o Cainepolis. Qena haes a considerable Islamic heritage an a famous mosque. The Maghrebi Abd el-Rahim settled in Qena upon his return frae Mecca an foondit a Sufi centre here. Upon his daith in 1195, the mosque wis biggit abuin his tomb an became a place o pilgrimage. Thare is a huge modren mosque o Sheikh el-Qenawi in the main square which attests tae his importance.

Qena haes witnessed major restorations, an came third in the UNESCO Ceety Beauty contest.

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Qena haes excellent netwirk o streets, roads an heich-gates wi greenery an flouered pavements. Frae the ceety thare is a road that crosses the Eastren Desert tae Bur Safaga on the Reid Sea.

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Coordinates: 26°10′N 32°43′E / 26.167°N 32.717°E / 26.167; 32.717