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Zagazig (Arabic: الزقازيقAz Zaqāzīq, colloquial [zaʔaziːʔ] or [zaɡaziːɡ]) is a ceety in Lawer Egyp. Situatit in the eastren pairt o the Nile delta, it is the caipital o the govrenorate o Sharqia.

In 1999, its population wis approximately 279,000. It is biggit on a branch o the Fresh Water or Ismaïlia Canal an on al-Muˤizz Canal (the auncient Tanitic channel o the Nile), an is 47 mile bi rail north-northeast o Cairo. Situatit on the Nile Delta in the midst o a fertile destrict, Zagazig is a centre o the cotton an grain tred o Egyp. It haes lairge cotton factories an uised tae hae offices o numerous European merchants.

It is locatit on the Muweis Canal an is the chief centre o the corn an cotton tred. Thare is a sma museum crid the Orabi Museum that contains some interestin airchaeological exhibits.

Zagazig University, ane o the lairgest varsities in Egyp, is an aa locatit in the ceety, wi colleges in different fields o science an airts. An aa thare is a branch for Al-Azhar University, the lairgest Islamic varsity in the warld.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ruins o the Auncient Egyptian ceety o Bubastis are locatit 3 km sootheast o toun. Bubastis wis the auncient caipital o the 18t nome, an is hame tae the feast celebratin the cat-goddess Bastet. Bubastis is the Greek name o the Egyptian Per-Bastet. Bubastis became the caipital o Egyp in the 22nt an 23rd Dynasties. Thare are remains o the temples biggit bi Osorkon II an Nectanebo II. Catacombs whaur the saucrit cats wur buried are locatit ahint an Auld Kinrick chapel remains that are frae the period o Pepi I. The name Zaqaziq comes frae a pouerful Yemeni tribe, the Sakasic, a Himyarite, Yemeni tribe that settled Northren Egyp aroond 3rd century AD. Thay settled in the auncient Egyptian toun o Bubastis in Egyp givin it its modren name Zaqaziq efter the name o thair tribe.

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