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Arish or el-Arīsh (Arabic: العريش‎, romanised: Al ʿArīš) is the caipital an maist muckle city (wi 114,900 indwallers) o the Egyptian govrenorate o North Sinai, an is on the Mediterranean coast o the tarbet o Sinai, 344 kilometer (214 mile) northeastlins o Cairo. Al `Arīsh is kent for its skyrie blue water, scowthie an fouthie palm wuids on its coast, an its saft white sands. It haes a harbour, an mony luxury hotels.

The city is hame tae a hantle o the faculties o Suez Canal University.

El Arish is in the rounds o a muckle wadi cried the Wadi el Arish, that gets fluidit wi water frae north an central Sinai ilka year.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Australian Light Horse camp aside the sea at El Arish, 1915-18

The city growed around a Bedouin dounpit naur the ancient Ptolemaic Dynasty outpost o Rhinocolura. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims mistaen the shielins as the Sukkot o the Bible. Arīsh means "shiels o palm" in Arabic.

New fortifications war biggit at the original steidin bi the Ottoman Empire in 1560. In the Napoleonic Wars, the French laid siege tae the fort, an gart it faa efter 11 days on Februar 19, 1799. The fort wis dung doun wi British bombers in World War I.

On December 8, 1958, an air battle o atween Egyptian an Israeli air forces wis focht ower Al Arish [1].

El Arish wis unner militar occupation bi Israel frae 1967 til 1979 an a short while in 1956. It wis gien back til Egyp in 1979 efter the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty. Heezin aye an on as a tryst for tourists, El Arish is situate at 31°07′N 33°48′E / 31.117°N 33.800°E / 31.117; 33.800.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The city is sert bi El Arish Internaitional Airport. The northren coast hie-gait in Egyp (North Sinai pairt) gangs bi Al Arish an cleeks Qantara at Suez Canal (in the wast) tae the mairches o the Gaza strip. The railwey frae Cairo is bein rebiggit the nou, an it raxt til the "Ser an Qawarir zone" wast o Al 'Arish no lang syne. This gait wis an umwhile pairt o the Palestine Railway, biggit durin Warld War I an Warld War II tae connect Egyp wi Turkey. The railwey wis pit doun durin the makkin o Israel. The North Sinai is a wallie meith for the Egyptian govrenment planners tae re-distribute the gey-steekit population in the Delta, an it is thocht that efter the the transportation an watterin projecks are throu wi, 3 million Egyptians will settle in North Sinai.

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Coordinates: 31°08′N 33°48′E / 31.13°N 33.8°E / 31.13; 33.8