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Banha is located in Egypt
Location in Egyp
Coordinates: 30°27′39″N 31°11′15″E / 30.46083°N 31.18750°E / 30.46083; 31.18750
Kintra Egyp
19 m (62 ft)
 • City165,906[1]
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
Area code(s)(+20) 13

Banha (Arabic: بنهاBanhā), an aa spelled Benha, is a ceety in northeastren Egyp an caipital o Qalyubia Govrenorate. Egyptians caw it Banha Elasal which means "Sweet like honey"..

Geography an economy

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It is locatit 48 km (30 mins) north o Cairo, locatit on the east bank o the Damietta Branch o the Nile River in the rich fermland o the soothren pairt o the river's delta. Well-irrigatit bi canals leadin aff the Delta Barrage, a dam 30 km (20 min) upstream, the surroondin fermland produces wheat an lang-staple cotton. Syne auncient times, Banha haes been kent for the production o attar o roses, an ingredient in perfume. The day it is the centre o Egyp's electronics industry. Banha is a major junction in the rail netwirk that radiates north frae Cairo an it haes the 6t biggest train station in Egyp[2].

The north o Banha is the site o ane o several auncient ceeties cried Athribis, the caipital o the tenth nome (province) o Lawer Egyp in aboot 1500 BC. The site haes niver been seestematically investigatit bi airchaeologists. Ower the years, peasants diggin in the aurie hae uncovered a lairge hoard o siller. Aboot 20 km (12 mi) soothwast o Banha is Taw al Yahudiya, the site o Leontopolis, famed for its glazed tiles in auncient times. Population is aroond 2,479,347. (2005) an Tot Aurie is 16,105 km² [2].

Banha University

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Banha University wis established in November 1976 as a branch o Zakazig University in the govrenorate. It became an independent University in 2005 incorporatin several facilities an depairtments wi aroond 60,500 graduates per annum. The Faculty o Medicine is notable for research an management o 2 main hospitals in Banha.

Dountoun aurie

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Dountoun Banha is famous for the first fully-awned Egyptian apothecary which wis foondit in 1907 bi Dr. Ahmed M. ElNayeb. The significance o this Pharmacy is due that in the late 19t century an early 20t century, amaist aw pharmacies wur awned bi foreigners-mainly frae the Greek minority. The day thare are currently 5 Drog stores that are awned an managed bi descendants o ElNayeb faimily namely Dr. Nabil A. ElNayeb an Dr. Magdy A. ElNayeb, the latter inheritin the first oreeginal store frae his grandfaither. (Picture frae the Archive: [1][deid airtin])


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Banha consists o several destricts : El-Vilal, Banha El-Gedida (New Banha), Attrib, El-Manshia, El-Shedia , Wist elbalad (Dountoun Aurie), Elharas elwatany, Manshit elnour an Hay El-zehour (Flouers Suburb).


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Coordinates: 30°28′N 31°11′E / 30.467°N 31.183°E / 30.467; 31.183