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The Nile's wattershed
Kintras Ethiopie, Sudan, Egyp, Uganda, Democratic Republic o the Congo, Kenyae, Tanzanie, Rwanda, Burundi, Sooth Sudan
Ceeties Jinja, Juba, Khartoum, Cairo
Primar soorce White Nile
 - elevation 2,700 m (8,858 ft)
 - coordinates 02°16′56″S 029°19′53″E / 2.28222°S 29.33139°E / -2.28222; 29.33139
Seicontar soorce Blue Nile
 - location Lake Tana, Ethiopie
 - coordinates 12°02′09″N 037°15′53″E / 12.03583°N 37.26472°E / 12.03583; 37.26472
Soorce confluence near Khartoum
 - location Mediterranean Sea
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 30°10′N 031°06′E / 30.167°N 31.100°E / 30.167; 31.100Coordinates: 30°10′N 031°06′E / 30.167°N 31.100°E / 30.167; 31.100 [1]
Lenth 6,650 km (4,132 mi)
Width 2.8 km (2 mi)
Basin 3,400,000 km2 (1,312,747 sq mi)
 - average 2,830 m3/s (99,941 cu ft/s)

The Nile (Arabic: النيل, an-Nīl; Auncient Egyptian: Iteru & Ḥ'pī; Coptic Egyptian: ⲫⲓⲁⲣⲱ, P(h)iaro; Amharic: ዓባይ?, ʿAbbai) is a major north-flawin river in northeastren Africae, generally regardit as the langest river in the warld.[3] It is 6,650 km (4,130 mile) lang. The Nile is an "internaitional" river as its watter resoorces are shared bi eleven kintras, namely, Tanzanie, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic o the Congo, Kenyae, Ethiopie, Eritrea, Sooth Sudan, Sudan an Egyp.[4] In parteecular, the Nile River provides the primary watter resoorce, an, tharefore, it is the life artery for its dounstream kintras, sic as Egyp an Sudan.[5]

The Nile haes twa major tributaries, the White Nile an Blue Nile. The White Nile is langer an rises in the Great Lochs region o central Africae, wi the maist distant soorce still undetermined but locatit in aither Rwanda or Burundi. It flaws north throu Tanzanie, Loch Victoria, Uganda an Sooth Sudan. The Blue Nile is the soorce o maist o the watter an fertile sile. It begins at Loch Tana in Ethiopie at 12°02′09″N 037°15′53″E / 12.03583°N 37.26472°E / 12.03583; 37.26472 an flaws intae Sudan frae the sootheast. The twa rivers meet near the Sudanese caipital o Khartoum.

The northren section o the river flaws almaist entirely throu desert, frae Sudan intae Egyp, a kintra whose ceevilization haes dependit on the river syne auncient times. Maist o the population an ceeties o Egyp lie alang thae pairts o the Nile valley north o Aswan, an nearly aw the cultural an historical steids o Auncient Egyp are foond alang riverbanks. The Nile ends in a lairge delta that empties intae the Mediterranean Sea.

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