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Republic o Rwanda
Republic of Rwanda
Repubulika y'u Rwanda
République du Rwanda
Banner Seal
(Banner) (Seal)
Motto: Ubumwe, Umurimo, Gukunda Igihugu
"Unity, Wirk, Patriotism"
Offeecial leid Kinyarwanda, Inglis, French
Caipital Kigali
Lairgest ceety Kigali
 - Preses
 - Premier
Paul Kagame
Bernard Makuza 
 - Tot
 - % watter

26,338 km²
 - 2010
 - 2002 census
 - Density
 - Independence frae Belgium
1 Julie 1962
Siller Rwandan franc (RWF)
Time zone UTC + 2, Simmer: UTC + 2
Naitional anthem Rwanda nziza
Internet TLD .rw
Cawin code 250

The Republic o Rwanda is a unitary republic o central an eastren Africae. It borders Uganda tae the north; Tanzanie tae the east; Burundi tae the sooth; an the Democratic Republic o the Congo tae the wast. Rwanda is landlockt but is notit for its lakes, particularly Lake Kivu, which occupies the floor o the Rift Valley alang maist o the kintra's wastren border. Although close tae the equator, the kintra haes a temperate climate due tae its hie elevation, wi the heichest point being Munt Karisimbi. The terrain consists o muntains an gently rollin hills, wi plains an swamps in the east. Abundant wildlife, includin rare muntain gorillas, hae led tae a fast-growin tourism sector. The lairgest ceeties in Rwanda are Kigali, Gitarama, an Butare. Unlike mony African kintras, Rwanda is hame tae ae ane significant ethnic an linguistic group, the Banyarwanda. The kintra is well kent for its native styles o dance, particularly the Intore dance, an for its drummers. Kinyarwanda, Inglish an French are the offeecial leids.

The earliest kent inhabitants o the territory wur the Twa fowk, who still live in Rwanda as a minority today. A series o further migrations teuk place, leadin tae a complex ethnic an social structure. The Kinrick o Rwanda, initially a loose confederation, grew in importance frae the 15t century tae become the dominant civilisation in the region, occupyin an aurie ayont the present borders. The territory wis assigned tae Germany bi the 1884 Berlin Conference, as pairt o Ruanda-Urundi, wi the first Wastren explorers reachin the kintra in 1894. Efter World War I, the territory wis allocatit tae Belgium as a League o Naitions mandate. The German an Belgian regimes hivily favoured the kintra's Tutsis ower the majority Hutus which led tae tension atween the twa groups. Belgium switched allegiance tae the Hutus folaein a revolution in 1959 an the kintra became independent in 1962. The Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) invadit in 1990, sparkin a three year Civil War. In 1994 the preses wis assassinatit, sparkin the Rwandan Genocide. Atween 500,000 an 1,000,000 Tutsis an moderate Hutus wur killed in 100 days, in well-planned attacks ordered bi the interim government. The RPF quickly restairtit their offensive, an eventually teuk control o the kintra.

Since the end o the Genocide, Rwanda haes enjoyed political an social stability. This haes permittit the development o agriculture, roads, tourism, an minin industries. Nivertheless, lairge numbers o Rwandans live in poverty as subsistence farmers. Pouer lies firmly in the hands o the current preses, Paul Kagame, an the RPF, who hae held a majority in parliament since 1994. Rwanda is a member o La Francophonie an haes recently joined the East African Community an the Commonwealth o Naitions.

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