Blue Nile

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Blue Nile
ET Bahir Dar asv2018-02 img17 Tis Issat.jpg
Blue Nile Faws (Tis Issat) at Loch Tana
Main sourceLesser Abay/Lake Tana
Basin size325,000 km2 (125,000 sq mi)
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth1,450 km (900 mi)
  • Average rate:
    1,548 m3/s (54,700 cu ft/s)

The Blue Nile (Amharic: ዓባይ?; transleeteratit: ʿAbbay but pronoonced Abbai, Arabic: النيل الأزرقan-Nīl al-Azraq) is a river oreeginatin at Loch Tana in Ethiopie. Wi the White Nile, the river becomes ane o the twa major tributaries o the Nile.

Coordinates: 12°00′N 037°15′E / 12.000°N 37.250°E / 12.000; 37.250