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Asyut Govrenorate

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Asyut Govrenorate on the map o Egyp

Asyut Govrenorate (Arabic: ‏محافظة أسيوطMuḥāfaẓat Asyūṭ) is ane o the govrenorates o Egyp. It stretches for aboot 120 km alang the banks o the Nile. The caipital o the govrenorate is the ceety o Asyut.


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The name o Asyut is derived frae early Egyptian Zawty (Z3JW.TJ), late Egyptian Səyáwt intae Coptic Syowt.


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  • Percentage tae total aurie o Egyp: 2.6%.
  • Population: aroond 3.5 million (Male 51.21%; Female 48.79%).
  • Population density: 119.6 fowk/km².
  • Rural population: 2.2 million; urban population: 0.9 million.
  • Percentage tae the whole population o Egyp: 4.3%.
  • Population growth rate: 2.6% per year.
  • Assiut Govrenorate admeenistrative diveesions: 11 localities, 52 local admeenistrative units, 235 sma veelages, an 971 tiny veelages.[1]


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Important sites

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The govrenorate o Asyut includes the Auncient Egyptian tombs o Meir, an the toun o Durunka, which is a pilgrimage site for mony Copts who come tae visit a monastery dedicatit tae the Virgin Mary.

Prominent fowk frae Asyut

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  1. http://www.asuit.gov.eg/EnglishSite/indexen.htm Archived 2008-01-20 at the Wayback Machine Official Website of the Government of Asyut

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