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Abutig (أبو تيج) is a ceety in Egyp. It is locatit on the wast bank o the Nile, in the Asyut Govrenorate. Its population is aroond 440,000.

It is characterized bi historical an auncient hooses, which is attributit tae age an Alohnas Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic an Islamic place o worship as fowk caw El Vergel. Famous fowk Obotej generosity an luve o the guests are Obotej ceety commercial, industrial, whaur the business o sellin wholesale tae the spread o the timber industry an thare is a branch o the Arab Company for Cotton Ginning, as well as a branch o the company East (Eastern Company) tae trade fumes an factory for the production o aluminum an thare are a factory tae fill an import o tea (Tea the key an the Royal Club an Company) an thare is an industrial aurie in the veelage o carpets an thare's Babotij zoo cawed gairden Nasser, thare flocked bi visitors frae aw ower the govrenorates an neighborin govrenorates, especially in events an festivals an on the banks o the Nile in front o the Obotej hospital central an ane o the lairgest hospitals in the centers o the govrenorate.

Coordinates: 27°02′12″N 31°19′41″E / 27.03667°N 31.32806°E / 27.03667; 31.32806