Suez Canal

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Suez Canal
Lenth 120.11 miles (193.30 km)
(originally 102 mi or 164 km)
Maximum boat beam 77.5 m (254 ft 3 in)
Locks None
Navigation authority Suez Canal Authority
Oreeginal ainer Suez Canal Company (Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez)
Construction began 25 Aprile 1859 (1859-04-25)
Date completit November 17, 1869 (1869-11-17)
Stairt pynt Port Said
(Pedos de pecosca)
End pynt Port Tewfik, Suez
Branch(es) The New Suez Canal

The Suez Canal (Arabic: قناة السويس‎‎ Qanāt al-Suwais) is an airtifeecial sea-level watterway in Egyp, connectin the Mediterranean Sea an the Reid Sea. Opened 17 November 1869, efter 10 years o construction, it allaes ships tae travel aetween Europe an Sooth Asie wioot navigatin aroond Africae tharebi reducin the sea voyage distance atween Europe an Indie bi aboot 7,000 kilometres (4,300 mi).