Al Qusayr

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Al-Qusair (Arabic, القصير, whiles romanized as Al Qusayr, El Quseir, Quseir, Quesir, Qusseir, Qosseir, or Kosseir) is a ceety in Egyp. Approximately 5000 year auld, it lies alang the Reid Sea. Its auncient name wis Leucus Limen.

Al-Qusair is locatit 205 kilometers sooth o Hurghada, 103 km north o Marsa Alam an 73 km north o the Marsa Alam Internaitional Airport. Its population wis approximately 20,000 as o 1986. The day, its population is aroond 50,000.

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Coordinates: 26°06′14″N 34°16′52″E / 26.10389°N 34.28111°E / 26.10389; 34.28111