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Port Safaga

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Port Safaga, forby kent as Bur Safaga an Safaga (Arabic: سفاجا‎), is a toun in Egyp, on the coast o the Reid Sea, locatit 53 km (33 mile) sooth o Hurghada. This sma port is an' a' a tourist aurie that consists o several bungalows an rest hooses, includin the Safaga Hotel, wi a capacity o 48 rooms (126 beds).

Haein numerous phosphate mines, it is regardit as the phosphates export center. A paved road o 164 km (101 mile) connects Safaga tae Qena o Upper Egyp.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Safaga is a marine port connectit bi a regular cruise shuttle service line. Safaga is considered ane o the maist important therapeutic tourist centres, as special medical researches hae proved the potential o attractin internaitional tourism tae Safaga.

The resort is reputable for its unpollutit atmosphere, black sand-dunes an mineral springs which hae acquired specific characteristics for remedy o rheumatoid arthritis an psoriasis.

Safaga haes a sma but thrivin tourism industry, specialisin in scuba divin.

Safaga wis a merchant port for mony years; nou the toun, wi its wide azure bay, lang sandy beaches an pretty islands, is a favourite sports destination in the Red Sea Riviera. Safaga is especially popular amang kitesurfers an windsurfers, an wis the host o the 1993 Red Sea Warld Windsurfin Championships. At 53 km (33 mile) sooth o Hurghada, Safaga acquires its unique character frae baith its port an the sma surroondin veelage. A holiday in Safaga is mainly aboot watersports an sichtseein, wi little nightlife aroond, except for some nice beach pairties organised bi the local divers an surfers.

The black saund dune beaches characteristic o Safaga are a favourite spot for sun bathers. The sea watter is kent tae be heichlie saline an rich in minerals which are beneficial for the skin, an it is a popular curative destination in the Reid Sea Riviera.

Safaga is hame tae some o the maist ootstaundin divin o the Reid Sea, wi the bay’s chain reefs o Tobia Arbaa, an the impressive waws o Panorama an Abu Qifan touerin reefs, whaur aften big pelagics sic as tunas, sharks an mantas can be spottit.

Safaga is an' a' a guid stairtin pynt for a day trip intae the Eastren Desert tae check oot the granite quarries o Mons Claudianus, or tae the sichts o Luxor, ane o the maist impressive sichts o Egyp, anerlie 220 km (137 mile) away.

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Coordinates: 26°44′N 33°56′E / 26.733°N 33.933°E / 26.733; 33.933